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October 16, 2011

(Tutorial) How to add nRelate to your blog

For all bloggers out there, you might already know about LinkWithin. You might be using it right now, or you're not. Well, for this post I will be writing about nRelate, another widget but with more features.

Step One
Click here.

Step Two
Click on Install

Step Three
Select a product to install. Usually I will choose Related Content.

Step Four
Choose your blogging platform.

Step Five
There are 2 setting available here.
a) Registered account - You will be able to use your nrelate partners account to change the settings of your plugin and signing-up for advertising (optional). This includes image size, adverts, caption, etc. I prefer to use this instead as there's a lot of customization option available. Feel free to experimenting by your own.

b) Free (without account) - You will be able to install the plugin without signing up. Follow the steps  mentioned. Be informed that you will not be able to change the plugin settings.


Step Six 
Follow the steps shown to add the plugin to your blog. Finish!