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September 18, 2012

(iPhone) Latest rumour of next generation iPhone

(Amazing) A Motorcyclist Saved By An Unknown Superhero In China

As you can see from the CCTV feed, a man was about to be involved in an accident when something or someone just grabbed him in a split second and they mysteriously vanished. And then both of them just amazingly appeared on the other side of the intersection.

September 12, 2012

(Wordless Wednesday) Sleepy Goat

(Video) iPhone 5 Official Promo Leak?

Well, not really sure if it is true or just a fake video. But until then, see if you like it.

September 11, 2012

(Lol) So Sorry

Lari selamatkan diri!! Malu gile kalau kena situasi macam ni.

Cuba bayangkan perempuan pulak yang salah masuk toilet dan beritahu kita,

 "Ini tandas perempuan bang!"

Nak lari jugak ke?

(Ninja) Slow motion fight

Awesome choreographed ninja fight!

September 09, 2012

(Tips) Saving Money On Passport Photo

As you already knew and experienced it, on official trip to the local government offices no matter on what purposes, you might need to bring some passport sized photos to fulfil the documentation requirement.
This usually means a trip to Kedai Photo Ah Seng, or some other local photo related premises in your area to get your passport sized photos taken and printed for this occasion. And if you notice, a lot of this photo shop (no pun intended) started to do business around these government offices, sometimes just beside or in front of it so that to maximise customer's attention and make some money along with it.
But back in the days, the printing alone will needed some waiting time due the type of printer and also the paper material, if you remember looks much better and justified with the amount of money you paid.
Now as I experienced it, you are paying for an express services with 30 minutes (more like 5 minutes) time requirement for RM10 for 4 pcs of photos. And the shop assistant will do it as simple as taking your picture, bring out the memory card, inserts it into the DIY photo printer (photo kiosk) in front of the shop, select passport sized photo template, and print it using the machine's photo  printer with some cheapo photo paper, cut it into 4 pcs and you got yourself some photos with RM10 (or more) paid.
The question is, why didn't you take a picture of yourself, put your memory card into the machine, print a copy using passport sized photo template, and only pay RM1? You can cut it yourself into 4 pcs and you just save RM9 which equivalent to 90% savings!!!
P.s: Lepas ni jangan pulak semua kedai gambar pakat naikkan harga guna photo kiosk. Kes naya...

September 05, 2012