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May 23, 2010

(LOL) When Jobs Meet Gates

It was hard trying not to laugh ... via

May 22, 2010

(MyStory) The Story Of My Past

I have been using an iPod Touch 32GB for 2 years until I bought an iPhone 3G not long ago. Gave Sold the ipod to my sister as replacement for her old Walkman.

The ipod was great and I really mean it. I was studying in Japan and been searching for a portable device to help me with my studies and backpacking. Previously I bought a Casio E-Dictionary which cost me ¥25800 from BicCamera and also a PSP to stores pictures that I need such as train timetables, routes etc. The dictionary was good but I urgently need a better alternative. It was bulky and need to be flipped out and during walking around that is a big hassle...

The PSP was great for gaming, but for image viewing, I wished it was faster & easier. I prefer something smaller that I can carry or use just using one hand and I want it to be able to translate the japanese words into something i can understand, if complete with an explanation that would be a bonus. Then I found out about the iPod Touch and instantly I was hooked.

What's so great with an iPod Touch anyway some of you might ask. Well it was smaller than my dictionary, thinner than the iPhone (lighter too), I can use any dictionary I want (Kotoba anyone?) instead of one single dictionary that I can hardly understood, and it gets better. It has easier way to manipulate photo ie zoom in /out just by tapping the screen instead of using buttons. Well have you ever tried using PSP to view a photo before? It's cumbersome to say the least. Can you imagine, while fumbling with the button to zoom in the photo of a timetable, the train arrived and as you are in a hurry, you jump in just to realise later that you hopped into a wrong train.... What a waste of time.

And why I didn't bought the iPhone 3G earlier? Well... that's another story that I will share next time.

Thanks for reading my blog!