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September 24, 2010

(News) Digi iPhone 4 iDigi Plan and Payment Options

As both Maxis & Digi already unveiled their plans for Iphone 4, the competitions just got hotter. Their plans are almost the same, but differs on downpayment and also the length of contracts. Might be some other details that will be includes as for example the location of places where you can buy the iPhone 4 which I can say DIGI offered the best distribution channel to all its prospective customers.

DIGI iPhone iDigi Plan

Payment Options available.

Option 1 : You can pay the phone price first by Cash or Credit Card and continue your monthly bill fees starts from RM63 till RM163 per month (deduct RM5 if you choose to use online billing option).

September 21, 2010

(News) iPhone 4 available in Malaysia :Digi:

Well, as previous year, DIGI will definitely launch a counter-attack on Maxis offering of iPhone 4. See the image for yourself.

What does it means? Hmm..... Will wait for further announcement.

(News) iPhone 4 available in Malaysia :Maxis:

Apple fan in Malaysia will be glad after a long wait and uncertainty, finally iPhone 4 officially will be released in Malaysia. The iPhone 4 will be available from Maxis from 26 September 2010. To those interested, you can purchase the iPhone 4 at Maxis Centre in KLCC, Pavillion, The Gardens, TTDI,  and Sunway Pyramid.

The iValue plans seems to be the same as previous year (iPhone 3GS) offering. But someone else pointed out that the iPhone 4 price is lower this year. Is it so?

The Maxis iValue Plans:

September 13, 2010

(News) Maxis - iPhone 4

For those interested in iPhone 4, you can register your interest at Maxis and DIGI and as the iPhone 4 arrived in Malaysia, you will be among the first to be offered to buy one. If you're interested to register with Digi, you can go directly to their website here. For Maxis, as shown below, you can go directly to their website and search for PHONES & iPHONE.

You will see the page below. Scroll down till you found the registration form.

(News) Digi - iPhone 4

Same as Maxis, the other telco currently offering Apple iPhone 4 is DIGI. The advertisements for interest in iPhone 4 if not early, was simultaneously aired to gather customers base and interest. There are no further news from DIGI on the iPhone 4 yet.
You can register here.

September 08, 2010

(Info) Car Insurance NCD Enquiry

If you're going to renew your car insurance, please use this tool to check your next NCD percentage and effective date. This enquiry page was launched by Insurance Services Malaysia Berhad (ISM) to enable public to check their NCD status online.

(Tutorial) Setting Up Your iPhone Internet & MMS Setting

As I'm using iPhone, the usual problem that's cropping and affecting everybody does occurred to me also. The unit I'm using was bought from Maxis, but I am using Digi as my service provider.. The problem usually starts whenever I'm restoring my phone. Sometimes I did forgot that the carrier setting aka APN setting will automatically updated to newest version, and as for me it always updated to Maxis setting, which means I cannot use MMS and also I would lose the ability to use tethering options.
I usually decline the offer to update the carrier setting, but sometimes I forgot and that means I need to do a restore which is time consuming.

September 07, 2010

(News) iPhone 4 in Malaysia - update

I received an update from Maxis Telecommunication on the availability of Micro SIM that can be use for iPhone 4. From the e-mail received, this Micro SIM card can be switched at any Maxis Centres and also any authorised dealers throughout Malaysia.

(Cool) Youtube :2010:

Via: OnlineSchools.org

(Cool) Internet Statistic :2010:

Via: OnlineSchools.org

(News) iPhone 3GS 8GB now available in Malaysia

The iPhone 3GS 8GB pricelist was updated by Maxis and as you can see, there are no more 16GB model listed here. If you want to see the latest plan by Maxis, please click here.

(Tutorial) Major Telco APN Setting for MMS

APN: net
APN name: maxis
APN password: wap
WAP gateway:

APN: mms.celcom.net.my
APN name:
APN password:
WAP gateway:
MMSC: http://mms.celcom.net.my/


APN: digimms
APN name: mms
APN password: mms
WAP gateway:
MMSC: http://mms.digi.com.my/servlets/mms