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February 26, 2011

(Info) How to check your PDRM and JPJ summon online.

To everyone searching for online links to check their summon(s) from PDRM (Polis Diraja Malaysia) & JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Japan), attached here are links to several online website that you can use to check and confirm whether you have been booked or not. Also some other methods are listed afterwards.

 A. Register at MyEG website. Use the service menu to check your summon(s) at PDRM or JPJ. 

PDRM Summon

For JPJ, the screenshot is as below.
JPJ Summon

B. Sistem Semakan Online (SSO) - Status Saman PDRM

Click here.

C. Summon Alert @ MyEG

You will be informed using email by registering at PDRM Summons Alert @ MyEg. This is a early notification service by MyEG and as mentioned on their website,

"By subscribing to MyEG's new FREE service, we will inform and remind you via email if you have any new summons. Now you will always have the option to be eligible for this discount. Furthermore, as you receive the summons notification early, you can still remember who was driving the car at that time and be more careful in the future."

D. SMS Check

For JPJ, you can use this steps to check JPJ summon(s) status. And the same time, it will inform your driving license expiry date, kejara points,and driving class(es) altogether in a single SMS.

Step 1. Key in       JPJ (space) Your IC Number
                             (Example: JPJ 660104084938)
Step 2. Send to    37773                                                              

For PDRM, you can use this steps to check PDRM summon(s) status.

Step 1. Key in       POLIS SAMAN (space) Your IC Number 
                             (Example: POLIS SAMAN 660104084938)

Step 2. Send to    15888 / 32728 (You can use either one).

Use the link(s) above and please make sure to drive carefully, remember your loved one.