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January 05, 2014

(Kenapa) Sebut Enjin Lantai?

Ada dua insiden berlaku di hujung minggu ini yang melibatkan enjin kenderaan berikut tercabut, mungkin disebabkan impak kemalangan kenderaan yang dibawa terlalu laju.

Ini melibatkan kenderaan Perodua VIVA.

Dan ini melibatkan kenderaan Proton PREVE.

Dan keyword disini adalah "Enjin Lantai". Siapa boleh terangkan?


  1. salam singgah sini.. 1st time tgk kes enjin terkeluar smpai teruk mcm ni. takut pula nk drive.

  2. Hi fieznur!!!!
    I had downloaded raw file and put to sdcard root directory
    But in my fonepad it shows unable to mount sdcard.... please help me....

  3. Cannot use Cydia Impactor on WW-3.2.7 as the Firmware had been patched/closed by Asus. I had to downgrade to 3.2.4 to get root.
    Now my problem is how to stop it from autoupdating whenever I connect to wifi? |There is nothing in the settings to stop it. Anybody?

  4. You cannot use Impactor on 3.2.7. Use it on 3.2.4 to save the root exploit, and update to 3.2.7 through OTA. Use the Impactor again afterwards to maintain root.

  5. Hi mayank, for unable to mount sdcard problem, you might need to try another card. If the problem persists, you might need to check with your local Asus Center about the problem.

  6. Use impactor on 3.2.4 to save the root exploit, and update to 3.2.7 through OTA. Use the Impactor again afterwards to maintain root.

  7. Yes I did exactly that but when Impactor runs looking for the exploit it gives error. I think the latest 3.2.7 closed the exploit. I had to downgrade to 3.2.4 to get back root.

  8. I have ME371 with rooted 3.2.7. Anybody here has a complete rooted raw file for 3.2.7? The reason why I asked is the long procedure in case for some reason there is a need to reinstall firmware. In order to get root, you have to go back to stock 3.2.4, root using Cydia, install super su, preserve root, then OTA update then restore root. On xda there is available from botto00 complete raw files but only until 3.2.4.
    Somebody suggested doing self rooting but that requires a Linux PC and of course Linux knowledge which I have very little.

  9. Is you android tablet/ Asus Fonepad battery completely drained off? Is your tablet not turning ON? Is your tablet not charging? Is your battery showing a question mark?

    Solution is simple and easy. Please check the link and like it :)




  10. There is already a rooted 3.2.9 in xda

  11. can these method use to root asus k012? tq

  12. HOw about the version of 3.2.9?pls help ineed to root my asus fonepad to be able to use more apps,tnx...

  13. hi, my tab is android 4.1.2.boleh guna tak kaedah ni?

  14. my wanted root asus fonepad K01N please how to do


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