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July 15, 2011

(Tips) Collection Of Web Browser

As you might aware, there are a variety of browsers available for all to use. Each has its own advantages & disadvantages. Listed below are links to some popular browser such as :

July 13, 2011

(Japan) Traveling In Japan Made Easy

Are you planning on going for holiday to Japan? Have you prepared all the necessary items needed during your stay? How are you going to reach your destination once you arrived in Nagoya, Tokyo or Osaka? Whether business or leisure, finding your destination become easier if you already knew the method of transportation available at any given time. Well, as you probably knew, the main transportation mode in Japan is the train.

There are 'Shinkansen' aka bullet train, 'Chikatetsu' aka subway & 'Densha' aka the normal train. If you're lost, use this words and people will instantly understand and they can help you to reach the train station easier. Now I will show you how to check for the train schedules by using this online service.

Meet Hiperdia. An online timetable for trains in Japan. What you have to do is just select the departure station and arrival station. Then fill up the date and time. You can also choose up to maximum 5 route suggestions. The system will gives you recommendations completes with time, estimated time, the name of stations, distances, fare and so on.

Below are the classic version that I used to. Looks very simple but very informative.

And this is the new version. The new interface is very pleasant to use. Try it!

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android too.

July 03, 2011

(MyStory) 3rd BE Campaign?

In a day, just after finished up the previous post, another campaign arrived? Wow.

Not much but at least that's something. It is better than not knowing something special is currently going on, and you doesn't have a clue about it. And you know what, that person is me. In November 2010, I didn't know what was happening, until I read in a couple of famous local blogs (yours truly) such as hafidzlife,afrayuri & earncent.

Am thinking of changing the template layout, already tried and tested a couple but still not satisfied. Maybe I'll try again later. Also at the same time current pages are cluttered, messy. Should I ditch everything and leave only the bare-bone template?

July 01, 2011

(MyStory) At Last, You've Come Back!

I am talking about BE from Nuffnang which stands for Buffered Earning. The first ever campaign that I got was from Nestle which lasted for a week on Nov 2010. And afterwards, the BE campaign just entered into hiatus, and understandably the lack of updates contributed to the lack of interest.

And, this morning I found out that another advertiser has chosen this blog for their campaign. Thank you very much to Halls & Nuffnang!

Hopefully there would be more & more!