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April 30, 2011

(News) Update : iPad 2 Officially Launch In Malaysia

This is the news update as received from Apple itself. The probability of Malaysia to be included in this round of launching is based on rumours flying around. Just wait for another week & hopefully, we will receive good news.

April 27, 2011

(Info) How to check your immigration status for travelling oversea

Are you going for a travel soon? Personal or business reason? Do you know how to check whether your name is blacklisted or barred from leaving Malaysia? (PTPTN anyone?)

April 26, 2011

(Contest) Okay, let's make a deal. I win the iPad 2, you win the movie passes.

Do you want it? Click here to join the race!

"The Great ChurpChurp Race is on!
We are gonna make this... LEGENDARY.
There is the F1 Race, and there will the THE GREAT ChurpChurp RACE!
So great farm crops and poker chips might just have to wait.
Be on the edge and swerve through your way in The Great Churp Churp Race and be one of the racer without having to be in a hot racing suit all put into a small compartment for 2 hours and win iPad 2!

All you've gotta do for this race is:

Step One - Bring friends to Join the Race!
Step Two - Beat friends who's in the race! Come on, BFFs can wait!
Step Three - WIN iPad 2, BB Bold 3, iPod Touch and a pair of movie passes!

Quick, start your engines and speed your way to the finishing line! Remember, no long pit stops as you may just lose out!"

Just try your luck, you never know it might be your day!

April 22, 2011

(News) Are you sure? WHITE iPhone 4 in Malaysia?

Interested on iPhone 4 in WHITE colour? You might already seen the advert in newspaper today, but you forgot to buy yours today, use the link given. Click here.

April 01, 2011

(News) iPad 2 Officially Launch in Malaysia

Well, the official news was Singapore and Hong Kong and several more countries will receive the iPad 2 in April 2011.

I've heard rumour that iPad 2 will be launch in Malaysia too in April 2011, and then I received news that the date would be on the 18th April. Whether the information is just a prank due to April Fool's joke or not, at least I'm sharing it with all of you.

The price should be the same as the first iPad when it was launched here. So we can starts counting our saving, like right now.

Update: Yup, it was a joke. To all readers, just be cool, and just wait for the official news. Too many rumours flying around at this time right now.

If you cannot wait, you can always buy it from the grey importer. (Lowyat forum, Mudah.my or Lelong sites).