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October 30, 2011

(LOL) Attack of the Duck!

Seen a lot, and I mean a lof of duck nowadays. Not the animal "Duck", but the human with duckface. Not life threatening actually, but the heart-prodding images makes my moral down & sad. Well, a sad person cannot be good. Low productivity, bad (lesser than normal) eating disorder and vice-versa. Wow, this might be the reason the economy turns bad!

A growing trend of duckface photos/videos keeps popping like popcorn. And while some might be seeing this as cute, but some might as well deem this as offensive. You might want to google antiduckface or use this link.

Duckface is popularly used in self-taken photographs to convey an image of cuteness. And for some, it is an alternative for the self-potrait of fat girls to be viewed as a slim person.

Well, to show you some photos, see below.

This one can win an award for The Most Duck Lookalike....
 And I am glad, none of my friends have this kind of pictures in their Facebook photos...yet.


  1. haha that is a great post. Love all the duck faces. Great blog!

  2. Thanks Magulous! I hope you enjoyed it! :) Visited your site too!


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