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June 12, 2011

(Tutorial) How to add LinkWithin to your blog

For all bloggers out there, you might be familiar with this widget. You might be using it right now, or you're not. Well, if you are interested, read on.

Step One
Click here.

Step Two
Enter your email address.

Step Three
Enter the url of your blog.

Step Four
Select your blog platform. Options available are Blogger, self-hosted Wordpress and TypePad. If your blog platform is not listed, select other.

Step Five
Choose your desired width or story panel needed. Options are 3,4 and 5 widths.

Step Six
If your blog are using dark theme, tick on the box with "My blog has light text on a dark background" label.

Step Seven
Click Get Widget to proceed.

Step Eight
Follow the steps shown to add the widget to your blog. Finish!

Just a reminder, to use LinkWithin for 2 or more blogs, repeat all these steps here.

Update: You might also want to check nRelate plugin here.


  1. How myne, i recently got your tips on linkwithin and installed it on my blog. my question is can i resize the thumbnail preview of linkwithin? please check my sample widget on my blog. http://makisale.blogspot.com/2011/06/zoo-york-buy-1-get-1.html


  2. Hi makiSale, i did browsed ur site and didn't found linkwithin installed. for the thumbnail preview, for default the size are same, but maybe someone else have a tip that can be shared with us. sorry I cannot be much a help.

  3. Thanks Fieznur.

    I deleted the widget. it won't fit on my site. The thumbnail is too big, i need less pixel size. thanks for the info fieznur.

    Happy Blogging.

  4. for those looking for alternative method with extra features, please search my post regarding to nRelate. thanks!



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