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November 05, 2011

(Tutorial) How To Link Maybank Visa Debit Card To Paypal

For those who wanted to use their Maybank Visa Debit Card for an online purchasing, it would be more secure to use Paypal as the payment portal. Why? Because by using Paypal, no one else will be receiving your card's details. Is that a good reason enough? If you need more convincing argument on the advantages of using PayPal, refer to this link here.

Follow these steps to begin linking your Maybank Visa Debit Card to Paypal.

Step 1
Login to Paypal here. Register if you are a new user.

Step 2
Under My Account tab, click on Profile. Select Add/Edit Credit or Debit Card option. Please key-in your your Maybank Visa Debit Card details here. Just make sure the address is exactly the same as your billing address.

Step 3
Verification email with Paypal code will be sent to your email address. Please wait at least 24 hours to pre-authorize your account. Come back here tomorrow, I am not kidding here, hehe...

Step 4
Login into your Maybank2U account. Click on Accounts & Banking. Check your Account Details.
And then click on Debit Card History.

Step 5
Search for any Paypal related transaction. Usually PREAUTHO SALE xxxxPAYPAL......
Well, you need to copy the xxxx number. Don't worry. The money will be credited into your paypal account after this last step.

Step 6

Login to Paypal again. Use your PayPal email & password. Click on Profile, then Add/Edit Credit or Debit Card. Click on Enter Paypal Code and enter the xxxx number you copied earlier.

And now you have successfully linked your Maybank Visa Debit Card to your Paypal! Enjoy!

If you're withdrawing your money from Paypal, there are 2 options.
1) To withdraw money to card, RM20 will be charged. 

2) To withdraw money to bank account, PayPal claims that it's free if the amount are more than RM400.


  1. Beware people intending to use the Maybank Cherry Debit Card as their main card:

    There is a hidden 10 transaction limit/day since my card was declined while I was doing some online shopping today. One transaction, card worked, the next, declined.

    Calling Maybank's customer service was just 5 minutes of verifications then another 5 minutes of them 'checking' and they came back to tell me there is a 10 transaction limit to your account. So beware if you intend to use this as your main card and go shopping (and avoid the embarrassment if your card gets declined at the counter) or even buy stuff online.

    Oh, and for stuff that does pre-authorization, that's considered as one, then if they refund, another, and the real charge, a third transaction.

    I've searched through Maybank2u and can't find this referenced anywhere at all, with the only 'purchasing limit' mentioned being your set amount that can be spent for a day.

    See #13 on http://www.maybank2u.com.my/mbb_info/m2u/public/faqList.do?cntTypeId=0&channelId=CRD-Cards&cntKey=CRD03.03&programId=CRD03-DebitCards&chCatId=%2Fmbb%2FPersonal%2FCRD-Cards&faqId=CRD03.03-VisaDebit and tell me where is the 10 transaction limit?

    Avoid this card, unless you like not being able to use your card when you do need it.

  2. THanks for information. Can you please show me how to top up the paypal using maybank2u.

  3. @Anonymous
    That's a good information for all of us. Maybank didn't actually mentioned there would be transaction limitation. I guess they prefer us to try and experience it by ourselves.

  4. I'm stuck at the 2nd step; called Customer service (verified everything and all) but I still haven't receive any MSOS text on my registered phone number. Let's say, even if I got my MSOS text, what should I do next?Please explain further on this ste[. Thank you.

  5. Hello.. I had register for the MSOS.. But I still can't link my debit card to paypal. Is there any solution for it?? Help please! ! Thank you..

  6. Please call the Customer Service again to make a complain.

  7. Hi Ginnie, I just reconfirmed that there's no need to get MSOS. Just go to paypal.com. I've updated above post to reflect these changes. Sorry for mis-information earlier.


  8. but i still cannot link to it.. i emailed paypal.. it said it might be my debit denied.. what does it means? i dont really understand?


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