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August 15, 2011

(Tutorial) How To Downgrade Firefox 5 to Firefox 4

 I think everyone already got a message to upgrade to Firefox 5, and so did I. But unfortunately when the upgrade was done, I found out that some of my plugins would not work on this new version.

So how to downgrade from Firefox 5 to Firefox 4? This is a simple guides or tutorial on how to downgrade back to previous version Firefox 4.0.1 without losing any of your original settings, bookmarks, add-ons and so on.

Step 1
Click here.

Step 2
Search for Firefox 4.0.1 folder > win32 folder > en-US.

Step 3
Download the file.

Step 4
Install Firefox 4.0.1. (Do not uninstall previous version on your PC).

You will be automatically downgraded to Firefox 4.0.1 and your favourite add-ons, bookmarks and setting will remain untouched.

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