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November 28, 2012

(Harap Maklum) WOW bukan singkatan untuk World Of Warcraft

Di dalam suratkhabar hari ini, ada tertera berita berkenaan WOW, singkatan kepada Workshops On Wheels (bukan singkatan untuk World Of Warcraft yek).

Dikhabarkan PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) telah melancarkan khidmat bengkel bergerak yang dikenali sebagai Workshop On Wheels (WOW) sebagai satu khidmat bantuan kepada semua pengguna lebuhraya. Lebihkurang serupa dengan PlusRonda yang ada sekarang, cuma ada kelebihan lagi pada servis terbaru ini. Berikut keratan berita berkenaan servis tersebut.

PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) launched its’ first-ever ‘mobile workshops’ orWorkshop on Wheels(WOW) as part of the highway concessionaire’s strategy and approach to prevent and protect highway users from being cheated by unscrupulous tow trucks and workshops.

“We have received numerous feedbacks and complaints from highway users who claimed that they were cheated by unscrupulous tow trucks and workshops after engaging their services during breakdowns. This prompted us to collaborate with AAM and at the same time protect more users from being cheated by irresponsible parties on the highways,” said PLUS Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Noorizah Hj Abd Hamid.

AAM has appointed its panel workshops to offer these mobile workshop services on the highways.
At the moment, PLUS do not have the authority to prevent tow trucks from entering the highways.
 “As such, highway users are often exposed to being tricked and cheated by these irresponsible parties,” Noorizah added.

According to Noorizah, similar to the services provided by the PLUSRonda, WOW basic services also covers free towing for small and light vehicles to the nearest rest areas or toll plazas, engine inspections and minorrepairs when they contact the toll-free PLUSLine 1800 88 0000 or use the highway emergency telephones.

“Upon notification from highway users, a PLUSRonda team will be immediately dispatched to the designated location to conduct inspection, evaluation and assist in minor repair. If more repairs are required, the PLUSRonda team will then contact the Traffic Monitoring Centre before a WOW unit is assigned to provide further repairs,” explained Noorizah.

WOW also offers vehicle spare parts replacements as vehicle battery, radiator, fans and others at reasonable prices. These services are provided on site or at other safe locations on the highways without having the users to exit the highway and being charged for towing service. Nevertheless, if the users insisted on sending their vehicles to their preferred workshops, they may do so at their own cost.

“To avoid any confusion and discrepancy, spare parts charges are clearly displayed on all WOW vehicles for the users’ reference and evaluation,” Noorizah said. In short, the services offered by WOW are given free. However, charges will be imposed for vehicle spare part replacements.

The First Phase of the WOW service will only cover the Seremban-Johor Bahru highway stretch 24-hours a day. The service will be made available at other stretches in stages.

“On average, 121 vehicle breakdowns are reported every day on the Seremban-Johor Bahru stretch on d days. The average number increases to 189 a day during festive seasons and long holidays on the same stretch,” she said.

Kepada mereka yang berulangalik ke tempat kerja menggunakan lebuhraya saban hari, mungkin berita ini ada kebaikannya tersendiri. Malang tak berbau, khidmat ini mungkin membantu anda ketika dalam kesusahan.

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