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October 03, 2010

(News) PayBox

I found about this new site(Paybox) which from what I can see, is to be as an alternative to Paypal. It is still in development, and they requires support from all to be among the first (aka beta tester. or is it alpha? nevermind that, just support them!) to help them to improvise their systems and all. Did I said you will be given USD 50? Yes, as a reward or you might say a bonus when you became among the early bird(s) to support them. Just go here at PayBox.me. Thanks!


  1. Simply discovered your web page through google and I consider this can be a disgrace that you are not ranked more due to the fact that that is a fantastic post. To switch this I determined to avoid wasting your Blog to my RSS reader and I will try to point out you in one of my posts since you actually deserv extra readers when publishing content material of this quality.

  2. Dear anonymous (sorry I didn't actually get your name :p), thank you for your generous comment. I never thought that any of my postings would actually be read by anyone. I think you just lifted my spirit. I'll do my best! Thanks!


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