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June 23, 2010

(News) Upgrading iPhone 3G to IOS4.0

the top and sides of an iPhone 3G S.Image via WikipediaJust 2 days ago, the iOS 4.0 was released. In Malaysia it was around midnight when it was released in US so I was staying up late till early morning just to satisfy myself on the updates of this new OS. :)

Well, nowadays the news spread rapidly if not real-time thanks to internet. My Digi coverage here can only receive Edge connection but I am not complaining. As long that I can surf the internet, browsing for info. Thanks to Gizmodo, Engadget, TUAW, and other websites, I can proudly say that at least I am more up-to-date than my colleagues.

Ok, that's too far. Rambling on and on, I did pick the title of upgrading my iPhone 3G and so let's continue.

As far as I knew, to succesfully updating or upgrading the former version (3.1.2 actually) to the newest 4.0, we need to install iTunes 9.2. I am still using the older version (i don't want to lose my jailbreak), and last night when I connect my iPhone to backup and sync the data, the iTunes automatically asked if I want to download the next upgrade, 3.1.3 version. Hmm, why not I thought. And I click on download only. To my surprise, the dialog box list down the iOS 4.0 features. And I click update.

Now I already got my copy of iOS 4.0, and still I haven't downloading the iTunes update. I already downloaded iTunes 9.2. My question is can I update to iOS 4.0 without using iTunes 9.2? And no, I cannot use the older version of iTunes. I did a backup and soon afterward I proceed to update my iPhone to 4.0. And still using it till now.

Am I satisfied? Yes and no. Yes, because of new features introduced in iOS 4.0 and no, because iPhone 3G cannot use all of the said features. For example, the multi-tasking feature. And judging from the slowness of my iPhone, I can understand why.

Well, need to starts saving for the next model, the iPhone 4.

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