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April 29, 2010

(MyStory) Memory remains

I just got a lot of birthday's wishes from my family, friends and friends of friends. I did forgot it was my birthday today, but fortunately my cousins (Hafiz and his big bro Zalik) sent me a greeting through the Facebook.

And I was speechless. Somebody just wished me on my birthday!!!

Truth to be told, our family seldom greet or celebrates each other birthday in the past. Maybe it's because we were still schooling, each at their own far far away school, living in the hostel, or studying overseas, which mean we didn't have time and chances to see each other a lot during those days.

And now that Abah had passed away, we took turns to look out for each other and also taking care of Mak.

If possible, I want to stay at kampung. I did regret never having the chances to be with Abah during his retirement till he passed away 4 years ago. The last memory of seeing him during Hari Raya Haji 2006 and also the moment when he wants me to try out all his clothes... just one day before he passed away due to heart problem.. is still lingering in my mind.

Abah, I missed you a lot. We missed you so much.

To Mak, Kak Long, Abang Ngah, Bang Khalid, Mie, Anne and Lin, so sorry for posting this up.... I really do.. It makes our past memories comes back, and remind us of what we have been missing, and do not let the chances go away without making it meaningful and memorable...

Semoga Abah ditempatkan bersama mereka yang dirahmati dan diberkati Allah. Amin.

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